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[Image] Excel Power Tips We’d like to announce the upcoming release of “Excel Power Tips”. You should check this out if you are an Intermediate Excel user who wants to learn some power tips that will help you work faster in Excel.

We created a short 2 minute video that explains the benefits and features of “Excel Power Tips”. Watch the video and read on to discover what “Excel Power Tips” will teach you. Also make sure you check out the “Early Bird” group if you want a special discount code for “Excel Power Tips”.

Watch the video on “Excel Power Tips”

Check out this fun 2 minute video that talks through a couple of key aspects of “Excel Power Tips”.

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Find out why we created “Excel Power Tips”

Hi I’m Victor, the Chief Teaching Officer at I founded this site to help you become more effective with Microsoft Excel. Our mission is to give you the best articles and training material to learn how to use Excel better.

If you are an intermediate Excel user you’ll learn a lot of neat ideas to make your life with Excel easier. You’ll learn stuff that even some very experienced Excel users and trainers don’t know.

Discover what “Excel Power Tips” will teach you

“Excel Power Tips” will come in 2 packages:

  1. Standard package – “Excel Power Tips” Ebook
  2. Premium package – “Excel Power Tips” Ebook & Videos

Both packages will cover topics such as:

  • How to work with Data Validation in Excel
  • How to create Drop Down menus in Excel
  • How to format your worksheets like a pro

You’ll also find lots of great everyday Excel tips & tricks you can use to boost your productivity. From mouse tricks to keyboard shortcuts there’s something that will save you time.

The videos also have captions for important things like Keyboard Shortcuts – so you’re never left asking yourself “What did he press to do that?”

To get a flavor of what you’ll find, check out this popular article Excel Data Entry Power Tips and make sure you come back to this page to find out more about “Excel Power Tips”!

What versions of Excel is this for?

If you use Excel 2010 this product is for you. The content is prepared using screenshots from Excel 2010. If you use Excel 2007 you will also be able to follow along, the only difference being a slightly different Excel Ribbon layout. The content itself will apply to Excel 2007 just as much as it applies to Excel 2010.

However if you use another version of Excel (e.g. Excel 2003 or Excel for Mac) then you’re probably better off looking elsewhere as much of the content is written for Excel 2007 and 2010 users. Having said that, many of the tips & tricks will still be relevant to Excel 2003.

Sign up now for Early Bird Discounts

If you like the idea of getting faster at using Excel and being able to use cool features in your workbooks that make you look like an Excel pro, you’ll be excited to know that “Excel Power Tips” is coming out soon.

We’ll release the product as soon as it’s ready, not a moment too soon. We aim to provide you with a product that is high-value add and yet affordable too.

Sign up to our Early Bird List to make sure you are one of the first to find out when “Excel Power Tips” comes out. You’ll also get a special Early Bird Discount code for 50% off the full price.

Watch the video below for more detail on the Early Bird Group.


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If you’re reading this article after “Excel Power Tips” has come out then you’ll be too late to take advantage of the early bird discount. However you can still sign up to the Early Bird list and enjoy the following benefits:

  • special discounts on our current product range
  • news about upcoming product releases from Launch Excel
  • Early Bird discounts on future product releases

Make sure you don’t lose the chance to get Early Bird discounts – sign up today!

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Hi I'm Victor. I started Launch Excel to help you use Excel and VBA faster. Thousands of people have learned new skills and increased their effectiveness at work with our help. You can do it too! Also I've personally used Excel lots since 2002. I use it mainly in accounting and finance but I also have a Masters degree in Engineering from Cambridge University. I hope you enjoy the site and tutorials!
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