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Ha!Ha! I tried many times learning from the book ExcelVBA Programming for Dummies, but I couldn't get it right. Watching this Video I can get done in a few trials. It works! TQ!
- VT Thiang
“I wish I knew about this earlier. I spent literally days cutting and pasting, so I could use data in a pivot table. Bravo!”
– Bjmsj
“Dude that was AWESOME! You gave me the ultimate weapon!”
– Milan
“Excellent demonstration thank you very much”
– Tolan
“Wow, you are a type of excel Jesus, thank you”
– Armoricalex
“Many thanks please make more excel videos!”
– ndelpurg
“You ROCK!! Thanks for the tips, and your time, I appreciate it.”
– Tom
“Thank you for your awesome video, your instructions were very clear.”
– Liztra
“Wow I’m really impressed of the power of macro’s. When my teacher tried to explain this to me, it was all Chinese for me. Your explanation is super!! Thanks a lot!!”
– Yannick
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