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Do you want to learn the secrets of working faster in Excel? When you first start to learn how to use Excel you will probably concentrate on getting your work done rather than trying to acquire new ways of working more efficiently. However, when you are ready to discover Excel keyboard shortcuts this article shows you a treasure trove of resources supplying shortcuts for Excel 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Why Use Excel Shortcuts?

Shortcuts give you the power to perform tasks without using the mouse to go to the Excel menu or ribbon, which means you can keep your hands on the keyboard instead of going back and forth from mouse to keyboard. With a good knowledge of Excel shortcuts you will blaze through common tasks and enhance your productivity.

Recommended Excel Shortcut Resources

For those just starting to learn shortcuts, it’s important to avoid information overwhelm. Yes there are so many shortcuts you could learn, but focus on those you’ll use most and you get the biggest benefits. Here are 3 great sites that highlight a fine selection of useful Excel Shortcuts.

1. ExcelTip.com – The best shortcut keys in Microsoft Excel

2. SmartShortcuts.com – A collection of the most useful keyboard shortcuts

3. Technology with Jason Slater – Handy shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel 2010

For the more advanced users out there, I have hand-picked 11 links to very comprehensive Excel shortcut guides. I don’t know if there’s anyone on the planet who knows every shortcut there is to know in Excel, but the truth is that you only need to memorize the top 20% of shortcuts that will result in 80% of your personal speed gains. This all depends on what you use Excel for. Someone doing complex financial modelling will use a different set of shortcuts from someone processing invoice details. But both will benefit from knowing and using shortcuts.

4. Shortcut World (Excel 2007) – Excel 2007 Shortcuts

5. Shortcut World (Excel 2010) – Excel 2010 Shortcuts

6. Asap Utilities – Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

7. D McRitchie – Shortcut Keys in Excel 2000 through Excel 2007

8. Microsoft Office (Excel 2003) – Keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2003

9. Microsoft Office (Excel 2007) – Excel shortcut and function keys

10. Microsoft Office (Excel 2010) – Keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2010

11. Chandoo – Comprehensive List of Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

12. C Pearson – Shortcut Keys In Excel And VBA (includes downloadable workbooks)

13. Excel User – Download Charley’s Complete Excel Shortcuts Workbook (over 250 shortcuts)

14. OzGrid – Excel keyboard Shortcuts

#15 Bonus Resource: Download the Launch Excel Shortcuts PDF today

Download my handy reference guide with more than 100 popular Excel keyboard shortcuts. It’s totally free to download, and beautifully formatted for printing – just visit our Excel Shortcuts PDF page for more details.

Write your comments below and check out my article “Keyboard vs. Mouse”

If I have missed any Excel shortcut links that you often use, please share them in the comments below. Also check out my article on Keyboard vs. Mouse – it talks about the different ways you can use the keyboard and mouse for maximum effectiveness.

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