Best of Launch Excel in 2011

Best of Launch Excel 2011
2011 was the first year for Launch Excel. I started working on the site full time in October 2011. In the full year to Dec 31, there were 5,218 unique page views and there will be many more visitors in 2012!

To welcome in the New Year I will highlight the most popular content from Launch Excel in 2011, as measured by Google Analytics. Plus there is a special bonus article for you waiting at the end of the post!

Here are the Top 10 articles in 2011:

10. Background Images in Excel (Xmas post)

Coming in at a solid 10th place… Have you ever been secretly bored with the standard Excel grid? With its hundreds and thousands of empty cells staring right back at you? Did you know there is a way to change your Excel background and brighten up your day! I’ll show you two ways that you can use right now to change the background in Excel to any image of your choice. Click here to read the article

9. Excel Shortcut Game

Guitar Player SilhouettePlay the Excel Hero game! Just for a laugh – your goal is to correctly type keyboard shortcuts for the named Excel feature before your time runs out. As the levels progress the shortcuts get more obscure. This game really tests your knowledge and speed with Excel shortcuts!

8. Fifteen Awesome Resources for Shortcuts

Shortcuts give you the power to perform tasks without using the mouse to go to the Excel menu or ribbon, which means you can keep your hands on the keyboard instead of going back and forth from mouse to keyboard. With a good knowledge of Excel shortcuts you will blaze through common tasks and enhance your productivity.

In this post I put together a list of 15 great resources for Excel keyboard shortcuts. If you want to download a free PDF resource with over 100 Excel keyboard shortcuts suitable for Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 click here.

Bonus: if you subscribe to my e-mail newsletter you get 8 themed decision matrix spreadsheets to download for free… you will also get a FREE PDF with over 100 popular keyboard shortcuts for Excel 2007 & Excel 2010. Don’t miss out on your free PDF. Click here to subscribe

7. Pivot Table Trick – Flatten a crosstab table

Youtube video: Flatten crosstab table using pivot table in ExcelWhen you have a cross tab table you might want to flatten it to make it easier to analyze. Sometimes this is called “Normalizing”. In my 2 min 52 sec video you’ll find out how to use the pivot table wizard to import multiple consolidation ranges. Sound a bit complicated? Don’t worry – if you follow my video it is as easy as ABC.

Click here to watch

6. Autofilter Keyboard Shortcut

I bet most Excel users learn about autofilters quite early in their Excel careers. They are a handy feature for adhoc analysis of large data sets.

What’s a fast way to turn the autofilter on and off using the keyboard? CTRL + SHIFT + L. In my 6 min 41 sec video you can see how this shortcut works and also get a demonstration of autofilters in action. Click here to watch

5. Best way to Learn Excel

The Best Way to Learn ExcelWhat is the best way for you to learn Excel? I cover four different ways to learn Excel in this article. I also recommend two online tutorial courses aimed at people wanting to learn Excel:

4. Easy Project Management in Excel

Simple-Gantt-ChartThis is the first in a series of articles about Project Management tools in Excel. I plan to continue the series in 2012 with more articles on Timelines and Gantt Charts in Excel.

Click here to read

3. Formula 1 Ebook

Fast red sports carWatch my video-review of Microsoft Expert Chandoo’s Formula 1 PDF Ebook for learning Excel formulas fast. The video lasts 5 min 33 sec, and I go through what’s covered in Chandoo’s downloadable PDF Ebook.

Click here to watch

2. Decision Matrix Spreadsheet & Video Case Study

Launch Excel Decision Matrix

Screenshot of Launch Excel Decision Matrix (available for download)

Use an Excel spreadsheet as a tool for making better decisions with a decision matrix. Watch the decision matrix in action in my video (10 min 25 sec). You can download a copy of the Launch Excel Decision Matrix spreadsheet and find links to in-depth resources on how to use a Decision Matrix on this resource page.

1. Column Autofit Series

Finally here is the number 1 article as measured by the total number of pageviews it received in 2011. Learn how to resize column widths in Excel. There are four parts to this series, each looking at a different aspect of resizing columns.

  1. Autofit column widths in Excel using the mouse
  2. Autofit column widths in Excel using the keyboard
  3. How to set precise column widths in Excel
  4. Changing multiple column widths in Excel

Bonus – first article of 2012

Secret-WatermarkMy article 10. Background images in Excel shows you how to change the Excel background image on screen but doesn’t show you how to create a background watermark that can print out. If you want to add a printable watermark in Excel you should read my first article of 2012:

The Little Known Secrets of Adding Watermarks in Excel 2010

What topics would you like to see covered in 2012?

Head down to the comments section and leave a comment to say what topic or topics you’d like to see covered this coming year (2012). I’m open to all suggestions relating to Excel – formulas, macros, VBA, charting, pivot tables.

And please share this page by using the sharing buttons below.

Happy New Year, and here’s to an awesome 2012!!

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