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As an Excel user do you want to master basic Excel functions and formulas? Excel Expert “Chandoo” created a pdf ebook showing how to use 75 useful Excel functions, and describes it all in plain English to make it simple to understand. I recently bought a copy of his ebook, called “Excel Formula 1” and put together a 5 minute video to help you find out if this an ebook for you…

The Excel Formula-1 Ebook from Excel Expert “Chandoo”

I personally keep a printed copy of this book on my desk for reference, as it explains how to use each function in nice simple terms which is handy for beginners – when I want to help someone else understand a formula I just pull out this guide and check what it says.

Learn 75 common Excel functions the fun way with Excel Expert Chandoo’s Formula 1 Ebook, which you can buy here.

Transcript of Excel Formula 1 Ebook Video

What if there was an easy way to learn the basics about common Excel functions? Imagine if you had a handy reference guide that you could open for help on common Excel functions, which was fun to read and easy to use. Maybe it’s time you had a look at the Formula 1 Ebook from Microsoft Excel expert Chandoo. Chandoo’s full name is Purna Duggirala and he lives in India where he runs a blog at Chandoo.org that talks about all things Excel.

Here are some testimonials from people who found the Formula 1 Ebook useful.

  • I am really interested in learning as much as possible before I get back to work !! You are doing an awesome job. -Kalyan, MBA student at Kelly Business School
  • Thank you for the book. I really appreciate it. -Michael
  • It is a great document. Thank you for putting this together. -Joseph
  • Congrats on the excel e-book. Its great to see someone take the time to compile all that information into an easy to use reference. -Vinu

What’s good about the ebook is that it has a simple, easy to follow format: At the top of the page you see the Name of the function. Then you see an explanation of what the function does in easy-to-understand English. After that comes the function’s syntax which is what you type and the order you type it. Then there are simple examples of how to use the function. At the bottom of the page are hyperlinks to online Excel articles on the Chandoo.org blog which makes it easy to find lots more information for any given function.

Here are screenshots of a few more sample pages so you can read for yourself and see whether you like the way the formulas are presented.

The author suggests reading a few functions at a time and then going to practise using them in Excel. I would add that you could print out the table of contents on page 3 and then tick off each function that you learn, or circle the ones that you use the most and print out those functions and keep them handy near your computer, maybe stick them up on a wall or keep them on your desk.

Let’s go through all the features offered by Chandoo’s Formula 1 Ebook:

  • 19 Math functions
  • 10 Logic functions
  • 15 Text functions
  • 6 Lookup functions
  • 8 Statistical functions
  • 12 Date & Time functions
  • 5 Financial functions

This is a book written specifically to help beginners in Excel learn about functions in Excel. I myself downloaded a copy of the book after reading and enjoying many Excel articles on Chandoo.org. If you are looking for intermediate or advanced stuff on functions this ebook is probably not for you. But you might find something else that is of interest to you on the Chandoo.org website.

OK, a bit more about the Formula 1 Ebook and how you can buy it. If you want to download the ebook you can either go through my website which is www.launchexcel.com or you can head straight to Chandoo.org and navigate to his online shop. If you decide to go through my website I’ll get a small commission for helping to promote this product so if you found this video useful please consider downloading the Formula 1 ebook through my website. Either way, you get all 75 functions for only $10.

To download the ebook from my website type in www.launchexcel.com/chandoo. If you have any questions about the ebook then you should get in touch with Chandoo himself.

Next you will be taken to Chandoo’s online shop, where you should scroll down to the Excel Formula Help: E-book section and click download E-book. Chandoo has set up his site to accept payments by Paypal or by Credit Card or Debit Card. Choose your method of payment and then fill in your details. A link to download the E-book will be delivered straight to your email. While you are on Chandoo’s site I suggest you have a look around to see if there’s anything else you’re interested in. Chandoo has lots of products in his online shop including Project Management templates, his popular Excel School and his Dashboards Training Program.

If you’re a new Excel user or even if you’re not new to Excel you’re probably going to find something interesting on the website.

To buy the Formula 1 Ebook, $10 for a fast way to learn 75 Excel functions, look for the title “Excel Formula Help : E-book” after you click on this link here.

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