The Launch Excel Boot Camp Training Course (Access Instructions)

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A couple weeks back, I asked who was interested in the free “Launch Excel Boot Camp Training Course” that I was making.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of time making this if no one was interested, so I asked you to let me know if you wanted the training course …

… If at least 50 people said they wanted it, I said I’d make it.

Well, almost TWO HUNDRED people wanted it.

I am genuinely excited and humbled. When I first started trying to learn Excel 14 years ago I had no idea that I would one day be teaching others how to use it too.

Anyway …

I promised everyone who signed up to my special interest list that I would give you a value packed, 100% free training course on how to create great spreadsheets.

So here it is. Free for people on my e-mail interest list.

Read on to find out how to access the training course. It’s online and on-demand so no need to turn up at a special time. As of writing this blog post, the first module is available and the second module will be ready soon.

As you can see when you follow the course link below, the course will be priced at $97 to future customers. But for the great people on my special interest list, I e-mailed a 100% discount code so you get free access when you redeem the code at checkout.

Here is what the “Launch Excel Boot Camp – How to Make Great Spreadsheets” training course includes:

Personal Budget Spreadsheet (included in course)

  • Downloadable Personal Budget spreadsheet (yours free to keep, play with and modify as you like)
  • Training on what makes a great spreadsheet
  • The three steps you need to go through to make a great spreadsheet
  • How to make your spreadsheets easy to use and update
  • Formatting tips to make your spreadsheet more useable
  • A two-page checklist to print and keep next to you when you make spreadsheets
  • And more to come in Module 2… (coming soon)

How to access the Boot Camp course

That’s the address of my new Excel school.

Scroll down to the Featured Course “Launch Excel Boot Camp”

Click on the Boot Camp course and enroll in the course by filling out your name and email.

At checkout, redeem the coupon code you got in your email

As soon as you redeem the coupon code you will get 100% free access to the course. Email me if you have any issues logging in or redeeming your code.

Let’s make great spreadsheets together!

Victor Chan

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