Winners of the Excel Macros & VBA School Contest + a Preview of What’s Inside Excel Macros & VBA School

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Hi it’s Victor here. I’m almost ready to open the doors to Excel Macros & VBA School. Put this date in your calendar: Friday July 21, at 5pm London BST / 12 noon Eastern EDT / 9am Pacific PDT.

(Tip: You can check for your local time if you’re not in one of the above timezones)

In this update I’ve got some good stuff for you…

– I’ll announce the two lucky contest winners

– And I’ll show you a preview of what’s inside the upcoming course

But before we get into all that, I want to explain …

The Main Purpose of Excel Macros & VBA School

Most Excel users never get around to learning how to program Excel. They think they can get by without this skill. This can be a big mistake, especially if you frequently deal with routine and repetitive tasks that can be automated.

For instance it is very common for jobs that take a couple of hours (e.g. many steps of data import, cleansing and reporting) to be reduced to 5 minutes or less. Giving you more time to focus on higher order tasks that need a real human to do them well.

In Excel Macros & VBA School I want to teach you how to understand and use the programming language of VBA that’s built into Excel. So let me tell you a bit about …

What’s Inside Excel Macros & VBA School

At this point, I have completed 4 modules and have 6 modules in the pipeline. As a VIP Founding Member coming in now, you get immediate access to the first 4 modules and access to the later modules when they are ready. And of course you get lifetime access.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in the first 4 modules:

Module 1 – Course Introduction

Learn how to make the most of this course (and any other course you take). I teach you important skills to make the learning process faster and help you remember longer. These skills will give you the edge.

Module 2 – Introduction to Macros and VBA

Really understand the difference between Macros and VBA. People tend to use these words interchangeably but they are not the same. I also show you practical ways to immediately use recorded macros without writing any code, and teach you about how to choose the right security settings so you can protect yourself from unknown (and potentially harmful) code.

Module 3 – Discover the VBA Editor

Did you know that the built-in VBA Editor gives you a lot of power? But only if you know your way around it. I demonstrate how you can customize and use the VBA Editor as the key tool in your programming toolkit. I will also teach you important habits so you can reduce programming headaches.

Module 4 – The Excel Object Model

I’ll walk you through the complex structure that is the Excel Object Model and demystify it for you. You will learn a simple analogy to understand what it all means. Once you have a grasp of how the Excel Object Model fits together, you can then explore different parts of the model without getting lost. I also demonstrate different ways of referencing things in Excel so you understand the tradeoffs and can make better choices in your own code.

Here are the remaining 6 modules that are in the pipeline:

Module 5 – Useful Workbook macros

Module 6 – Useful Worksheet macros

Module 7 – Working with Ranges

Module 8 – Important VBA concepts (variables and loops)

Module 9 – Ways to control program flow (decisions)

Module 10 – Becoming a VBA programmer

Note: As a VIP Founding Member you get access to modules 5 – 10 as soon as they are completed in the next few months.

And finally, let’s get around to …

Announcing the Winners of the Excel Macros &

VBA School Contest

There were many great entries for the contest. I want to thank everyone who entered for the thought and effort you put in.

Here’s the list of entrants in alphabetical order: Alta Niemandt, Ashok Motwani, Daniel, Eric Pisaro-Grant, Ilyas Qasim, Jan Bolhuis, Janet Stead, Jeff, Kara, Kemi Thomson, Kristin, Michael Cipriotti, Mike Pouncey, Nector, Sai, Troy, Valerie M Harris, and Wendy.

Thank you for taking part!

Picking two winners was pretty difficult… After lots of reading and thinking, I decided on two winners early this morning.

If you have a couple of minutes, it would mean a lot to me if you could congratulate the winners in the comments section of this page.

I’ve copied the winning entries below for you to read.

Winning entry # 1 – Mike Pouncey

Hi Victor,

Simply put, I want to learn more about the capabilities of Excel and VBA because I’ve dabbled in recording macros and searching ready-made VBA to use in my work projects and I’ve been able to transform the way people think about data due to how I’ve been able to display it in a dashboard.

I had a fairly large data set and it used to take me about a month’s worth of man hours to search the data by hand (certain things about the data made it beyond the capability of standard excel functions), and once I spent the time (about two months) researching and building my VBA macro (of course, I didn’t understand most of what it said, I just used various things I found), I am now able to not only develop the same report I was before in less than a minute’s time, I also know that by using the VBA, it eliminates human error (once you fix your code) from my reports and I’m much more confident in them.

Likewise, I was able to present the data in a dashboard that made it extremely easy for Senior Leaders to visualize the data in a way that just can’t be realized with standard raw data.

I think learning Excel VBA is essential in today’s marketplace – regardless of your industry. I am now a recognized expert within my particular field due to the previously described dashboard I built with recorded macros & pieces of VBA stitched together.

If I were able to actually learn VBA in such a way that I could understand it – it would not only help me build several additional research tools I one day hope to make, but it would give the Leaders that I work for the capability to see information in a way that it currently not possible due to the constraints put on standard Office software. I know and understand the potential for Excel VBA and am excited to hear about your upcoming course.

I hope you are able to help me create VBA code that provides mouse-over effects, etc. that you can do in HTML, JS and others, but within Excel. If so, I could use it for an interactive map that could update tables on a dashboard based on what the user clicked in the interactive map/shapes. Not sure if this is possible or not, but if I could learn how to do that, it would be a tremendous help to me.

Thanks for taking the time to put together the course.

Winning entry # 2 – Nector

Hi Victor,

I work for an Organization that has more than 6,400 employees and I wanted to stand out from everyone else so, I self-taught myself Geographic Information System and most of Microsoft Office programs: Work, Power Point, Outlook, OneNote, Project, Publisher, Access and Excel.

Because of my self-taught skills, I was transferred to the main Headquarters to be part of the administrative staff for the CEOs of the organization.

Since being transferred I have created numerous Access databases and more than 100 Excel spread sheets that are now being utilized by all of the Departments within the Organization.

Because the Excel spread sheets are utilized by all of our departments, I taught myself basic Excel-VBA (not much) to minimize the time of collecting and processing our incoming and outgoing data. This new learned skill has WOWED all my Superiors and sent my spread sheets to a new level.

Macros have eliminated so much time and different processes for numerous departments that I was given a new title “Data Analyst and Operations Technology Specialist. I also receive numerous phone calls during the course of a work week from employees who need excel help or advice and I am constantly asked how and where I learned my skills.

I realize and like the power and effect of Excel -VBA/Macros but I need to have a better understand of the components, variables and arguments… I truly will love to unlock the true power of Excel and take my first VBA course with you, Victor.

Honorable Mention – Alta Niemandt

Finally I’d like to give an honorable mention to Alta who wrote a short poem about Macros and VBA as the contest entry. I hope this cheers you up like it did for me.

Who said learning Excel can’t be fun? 😊

My job is very tedious

Making my brain monotonous

Oh give me patience to endure

Until I find that magic cure

Where is it?

What is it?

How do I get it?

Come on, let’s find it?

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Give it to me when I call

The magic cure has it all

Giving major joy to all

Macro, macro, do your job

Vba, Vba, add your lot

Give us hours in the day

So we can all go out and play

Hmmmmmmm…….. MAGIC!!!!!!

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