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Today I’d like to thank every visitor who has come to Launch Excel in our first year. We reached a nice milestone this week with over 1,000 email subscribers who have joined to receive our regular emails.

Thank you everyone who has already subscribed! And if you haven’t subscribed yet we recommend you get on our list today because you’ll learn lots about Excel.

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Launch Excel – Our first year in numbers

Here are a few numbers to show how Launch Excel has grown from September 2011 to June 2012:

Monthly unique visitors: 252 (Sep 2011) vs 13,882 (Jun 2012) = 55 x growth in traffic over 10 months

Total number of email subscribers: 6 (Sep 2011) vs 1,031 (Jun 2012)

Top 5 referring sites:

1. Google search 34,103 visits

2. Direct 5,735 visits

3. LinkedIn.com 2,880 visits

4. Youtube.com 1,106 visits

5. Stumbleupon.com 874 visits

Top 10 most popular pages:

What to expect in the next few months on Launch Excel

We are almost ready to launch our first eBook and video series “Power Tips for Microsoft Excel”. This has been in the making since March 2012, and is ideal for intermediate users of Excel who will benefit from the collection of tips that will improve your effectiveness with Excel.

You should check out the video teaser “Power Tips for Microsoft Excel” to discover what the eBook and videos will teach you. Make sure you secure the exclusive 50% early bird discount by signing up – there is a special Early Bird form at the bottom of the video teaser page.

Soon after the launch of “Power Tips for Microsoft Excel” we will be creating more articles and videos on other Excel topics. As always if you’d like to see me cover a specific topic in Excel please email me (all email subscribers get direct email access to me – another great reason to join the email newsletter).

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Author: Victor Chan

Victor expertly teaches Microsoft Excel to people all over the world. He has millions of views of his popular Excel explainer videos on YouTube. These show time-saving shortcuts and real-world applications explained with easy-to-follow visuals.

Victor has over 20 years of experience using Excel as a professional for Big 4 Audit Firm Deloitte and two global tech companies. He knows firsthand that being more productive with Excel can lead to greater job satisfaction and career growth.

Connect on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter.

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