Case Study – The Decision Matrix in Action

Decision matrix videoIn the previous article we looked at the process of using a Decision Matrix to decide between multiple options. In this article I will show you a 10-minute video to demonstrate how to use my free Decision Matrix spreadsheet. I designed it to be simple to use, with a focus on visual clarity, so that you can benefit straight away from this simple tool built using Excel. Watch the video now…

Watch my video:


What to Watch For…

0:12 – What is a decision matrix?
0:35 – What product to buy?
1:21 – Criteria (objective or subjective)
1:55 – Simple decision matrix
2:20 – Launch Excel Redesign

4:18 – Outline of Spreadsheet
4:43 – Enable macros & Fill in title
5:08 – Options along the top
5:35 – Criteria along the left
6:10 – Weightings
6:47 – Score Options
8:00 – Summary of Decision

8:18 – Was it a good decision?
9:01 – How the decision matrix helped
9:33 – Download the spreadsheet

Download your free decision matrix spreadsheet

Visit the Decision Matrix Download Page to get a copy of our Decision Matrix Template. This template is made available for personal and commercial use under the Creative Commons License “Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0” so you are free to alter, transform or build upon this work as long as you respect the following terms:

  • Attribution – attribute the work to Launch Excel “Based on a design by Launch Excel (” but not in any way that suggests it is endorsed by Launch Excel
  • Share alike – If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one

Do you have any examples to share?

If you have a decision matrix you built in Excel that you want to share, please put a link here in the comments, or send me your spreadsheets and I will consider adding them to a future blog post, attributing them to you. Please make sure your decision matrix meets these criteria. It must be:

  • informative, clean and visually appealing
  • suitable for the workplace

Please email your examples to Victor:
Email Victor


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What’s next?

Check out the rest of my resources page for more on learning Excel. Or if you haven’t yet read the previous article about the decision matrix process, I recommend you do so to give you a thorough understanding of how to maximize the effectiveness of your decision matrix.

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General resources on decision making:

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