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Chart Template:

Make a Project Timeline Chart in Excel:

If you manage projects it’s important to show how many tasks there are and when they’re due to happen. A Project Timeline Chart helps to explain key events in your project’s life to team members and other stakeholders. Learn how to make your own Timeline Chart in Excel by reading our in-depth guides. And check out our popular free Project Timeline Chart Template.

Launch Excel Decision

Matrix Template:

Learn about the Decision Matrix Tool:

Do you need a way to evaluate multiple options before making a decision? Learn about how to use a decision matrix to help you choose between different options by weighting them against the criteria you choose. And check out our free Decision Matrix Excel Template which you can use straight away to help you make decisions.

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Excel Tutorial Videos to help you Master Excel:

Learn from our step-by-step Excel videos. We have a dedicated Youtube channel featuring high-quality video tutorials.

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Subscribe to our Youtube channel to keep posted when new videos are released. All you need is a free Youtube login which you can set up after clicking the link below if you don’t already have one. Plus having a Youtube Login also gives you the power to like or dislike Youtube videos. So head over to our Youtube channel and start liking our videos that you like the best – we’ll keep a close eye on which videos are popular and make more like them!

Master Excel Keyboard


Check out these great Excel Shortcut links:

We searched across the internet and found some awesome resources for Excel Shortcuts, then linked to them in our article “15 Awesome Resources for Excel Shortcuts”.

Download our free Keyboard Shortcuts PDF:

Do you use keyboard shortcuts when you work with Excel? Download our free PDF featuring over 100 popular Excel Keyboard Shortcuts and sign up for our weekly e-mail newsletter.


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