(For people on the Interest List) The Launch Excel Boot Camp Training Course + The Pains of Being a Perfectionist

So I got up really early this morning (6am which is early for me) to help get the kids to school on time – in Singapore my son has to be in his primary school by 7.15am – lucky we live across the street!

Then I got down to sketch the teaching outline for the Excel Boot Camp Training Course (to find out more about the origins of this course, see here)

Anyway, I’m creating the “Excel Boot Camp Training Course” for people who want to learn the fundamentals of how to make great spreadsheets

And, originally, the free Boot Camp course WAS going to cost $97. But, since (a) I really enjoy giving things away, (b) it’s a way to thank you for all the great comments and feedback you’ve given me, and (c) I really think you need this to make great spreadsheets and help all the other Excel users in your life… I’m going to just give this thing away.

Here’s What I’m Looking For You To Do

If you’re really serious about learning to use Microsoft Excel better and want to be trained by me then …  I’d really be appreciate it if you’d fill out my three question survey below.  It will take 3 minutes.

If you can only answer one question, do the first one “What free product about learning Excel or using Excel would you LOVE for me to create for you?”

I want to hear exactly what YOU want. And as a “thank you” you’ll get the product I’m busy creating at this very moment, for free.

I’d be so grateful if you’d fill out my short anonymous survey below (and make sure you scroll down to click the DONE button at the end)

Looking forward to your answers,
Victor Chan

P.S. and if for any reason you can’t see the survey below, you can click on this link to go direct to the Survey Monkey site and fill out the survey there.

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Victor Chan
Hi I'm Victor. I started Launch Excel to help you use Excel and VBA faster. Thousands of people have learned new skills and increased their effectiveness at work with our help. You can do it too! Also I've personally used Excel lots since 2002. I use it mainly in accounting and finance but I also have a Masters degree in Engineering from Cambridge University. I hope you enjoy the site and tutorials!
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