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Elevate Excel Training Program

This course provides outstanding value if you are a beginner and want to get to Excel master status as fast as possible.

It’s also good value if you are an intermediate user because it covers different advanced topics like Power Query, Power BI, and VBA Automation.

Taught by Microsoft MVP Jon Acampora from our partners Excel Campus.

My Online Training Hub Excel Dashboards

This course is an excellent investment if you need to learn data reporting and presentation skills. You need an intermediate level with Excel to get the most out of the course.

It will teach you how to make killer dashboards that set your skills apart from the crowd! Create fully interactive reports using drop-downs, form buttons, and slicers so that your dashboards update at the click of a button.

Taught by Microsoft Excel MVP Mynda Treacy from our partners MyOnlineTrainingHub.

Excel Skills for Business Coursera Specialization

This course got the Coursera Outstanding Educator Award for Student Transformation in 2018. It engages learners from the get-go and uses realistic data for its Excel tutorials.

The syllabus is very comprehensive and starts with the essentials then works all the way up to power-user level with dashboards and data analytics.

Taughy by Nicky Bull of Macquarie University, and delivered by our partners Coursera.


Simple Sheets Spreadsheet Templates

"Game-Changing Excel Spreadsheet Templates" created by Tom of Simple Sheets.

Covering: Accounting, Small Business, Real Estate, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Business Management, Sales & Marketing, and Project Management.

Excel Rescue Spreadsheet Tasks Done For You

Excel Rescue is a done-for-you small tasks service for Microsoft Excel, Access, and Google Sheets.

Get one-on-one access to an experienced developer, who's ready to help you with your VBA, Macros, and Formulas.

With thousands of happy customers worldwide, you'll be in safe hands with Excel Rescue.


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