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P.S. You may also be interested in these Excel templates

You may want to check out these Excel templates which will help you create professional charts for your next presentation or report. They were created by Excel experts and are hosted on 3rd party websites (not Launch Excel). If you buy a product from these sites I will get a small commission for referring you.

Project Management Templates (

  • Chart design – Why a blank piece of paper will help you design charts in Excel
  • Chart legends – How to create your own cool customized chart legends
  • XY Scatter charts – Why the little-used XY scatter chart gives you many useful charting options
  • Graphical Alignment – How to precisely align charts and chart elements in Excel
  • Simple Dynamic charts – Learn how to create a “Today” line that moves right with today’s date
  • Completion status – Get Excel to graphically show task completion status

Find out more about the Project Management Templates:

Professional Business Charts (

  • Designed by Charley Kyd at
  • 33 downloadable Business Charts and Tables that are professionally created for Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Each download comes with 2 sets of documentation (“Getting Started” and “About the figure”)
  • Available for all versions of Excel (PC or Mac) from Excel 97 to Excel 2010
  • You choose which ones you want to download – or you can download them all!

Browse the extensive Business Charts Swipe File Catalogue:

Excel Dashboard Templates (

  • Designed by Charley Kyd at
  • Communicate Business information simply and effectively with 20 Excel templates
  • Feature 1: Professionally created report pages that will impress your audience
  • Feature 2: Dynamically updating workbooks that will save you many hours of work every month
  • Get set up within an hour (typical setup time)
  • Add reports and get them updated in seconds because they are all linked to an Excel database

Find out more about IncSight DB:


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