How you can win lifetime membership to Excel Macros & VBA School

I hope you’ve been having a good week so far. I think you’ll be excited to know that I’m giving away two free lifetime memberships for my upcoming course “Excel Macros & VBA School”.


If you check out nothing else from me this week, make sure you read this:

The course “Excel Macros & VBA School” is for intermediate Excel users who want to learn Macros and VBA from the ground up. It will demystify the VBA programming language so you can automate Excel and get more productive.

Excel VBA is a skill that’s in high demand, because it gives you command over your Excel workflow. Yes, there’s some pretty high-tech stuff out there like robotic process automation software, that you can license for thousands of dollars per user per year, and can take months to implement. But truthfully that stuff still doesn’t give you the same control over Excel as you get when you learn VBA. And you get VBA in Excel for free (even if you never use it).

By taking my course “Excel Macros & VBA School” you are going to get the edge when it comes to automating many routine processes. It will literally give you Excel super powers. And I’m giving away two free lifetime memberships. But first …


Here are some key details about the course

Many people have been asking me when the course is coming, and how much it’s going to be.

Well I’m opening the doors to early VIP Founding Members in a couple of weeks on Friday July 21. Only the first 100 people who sign up will get access (and become VIP Founding Members).

I’m going to price the full course at around $400 when it’s eventually launched to the public. And the 100 lucky VIP Founding Members will only pay $100 (a 75% discount) for lifetime access. And of course they get lifetime upgrades for free. I’m nice that way 😊


This is YOUR chance to win Excel Macros & VBA School

Before I open the doors to the course on Friday July 21, I’m running a little contest below to give away FREE lifetime access Excel Macros & VBA School to two lucky winners. I’ll announce the winners next week after I’ve taken the time to read through all the contest entries and decide which two are the best.


If You Win, You’re Going to Get…

1. VIP Founding Membership – Complete lifetime access to the Excel Macros & VBA School course (including videos, quizzes and project work with sample spreadsheets) where I teach you Excel Macros and VBA from the ground up.

2. Premium Tier – Not only do you get lifetime access to the course, but you get the Premium tier that allows you to download all the video lessons to keep. The Standard tier only allows you to stream video lessons (but not download them). The Premium tier will eventually be priced at $400 vs the Standard tier at $300. So you’re getting $100 more value on the Premium Tier.

3. Lots of Support – I guarantee every VIP Founding Member with direct personal email support for the first month after enrollment. I will give you my personal attention to resolve any problems you have with learning Macros and VBA. [Note: I do not offer free consulting – if you need help to develop a custom Excel VBA solution my fees are upwards of US $100 per hour].


How to enter the contest

This will only take you a couple of minutes. All you need to do is answer ONE question.

In the comments section of this blog post tell me …

Why you think learning Excel Macros and VBA can help you become more productive and give you the edge in your career (or if you’re interested in learning for the sake of learning, why you are keen to learn Macros and VBA). In particular describe WHAT SPECIFIC PROBLEMS you want to overcome using Macros and VBA, and how overcoming those problems will lead to more success.

That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFIC details will have a better chance of winning. Tell me how this will impact your work, give me specific reasons why learning VBA will help you.

I’ll carefully read through every single one of your responses and decide on two winners to be announced next Tuesday (July 18) .

Remember, I will award two winners.

I am very excited to read your entries and hear what you have to say.

Good luck!

P.S. Excel Macros & VBA School is set to officially open on Friday, July 21 to the first 100 people who enroll. Put that date in your calendar – exact opening time to be announced soon.


Victor Chan
Hi I'm Victor. I started Launch Excel to help you use Excel and VBA faster. Thousands of people have learned new skills and increased their effectiveness at work with our help. You can do it too! Also I've personally used Excel lots since 2002. I use it mainly in accounting and finance but I also have a Masters degree in Engineering from Cambridge University. I hope you enjoy the site and tutorials!
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  • Victor Chan

    Here’s a reminder of the CONTEST QUESTION:


    Why do you think learning Excel Macros and VBA can help you become more productive and give you the edge in your career? (or if you’re interested in learning for the sake of learning, why you are keen to learn Macros and VBA?). In particular describe what specific problems you want to overcome using Macros and VBA, and how overcoming those problems will lead to more success.


    The more SPECIFIC you can be, the better your chances! Tell me as much as you can about how VBA can help you. What kind of processes do you want to automate / what other systems will you be working with (SAP, Oracle, Siebel etc.) / how many people are in your team and how will this impact them / what’s the biggest pain or frustration you have right now that you think VBA can help to solve.


    Feel free to write more than you’d normally do in a blog post comment. And keep it relevant to the contest question. I’m looking for students who will be serious to learn and ask relevant questions during the course.

    • Mike Pouncey

      Hi Victor,
      Simply put, I want to learn more about the capabilities of Excel and VBA because I’ve dabbled in recording macros and searching ready-made VBA to use in my work projects and I’ve been able to transform the way people think about data due to how I’ve been able to display it in a dashboard. I had a fairly large data set and it used to take me about a month’s worth of man hours to search the data by hand (certain things about the data made it beyond the capability of standard excel functions), and once I spent the time (about two months) researching and building my VBA macro (of course, I didn’t understand most of what it said, I just used various things I found), I am now able to not only develop the same report I was before in less than a minute’s time, I also know that by using the VBA, it eliminates human error (once you fix your code) from my reports and I’m much more confident in them. Likewise, I was able to present the data in a dashboard that made it extremely easy for Senior Leaders to visualize the data in a way that just can’t be realized with standard raw data.
      I think learning Excel VBA is essential in today’s marketplace – regardless of your industry. I am now a recognized expert within my particular field due to the previously described dashboard I built with recorded macros & pieces of VBA stitched together. If I were able to actually learn VBA in such a way that I could understand it – it would not only help me build several additional research tools I one day hope to make, but it would give the Leaders that I work for the capability to see information in a way that it currently not possible due to the constraints put on standard Office software. I know and understand the potential for Excel VBA and am excited to hear about your upcoming course.

      PS. I hope you are able to help me create VBA code that provides mouse-over effects, etc. that you can do in HTML, JS and others, but within Excel. If so, I could use it for an interactive map that could update tables on a dashboard based on what the user clicked in the interactive map/shapes. Not sure if this is possible or not, but if I could learn how to do that, it would be a tremendous help to me.

      Thanks for taking the time to put together the course.

      • Kemi Thomson

        I need to take my excel skill to the next level and I like your teaching style

    • Wendy

      Hi Victor, I have been working with the same company as the sales assistant for 10 years now and am constantly having to be better at providing quick data, and being faced with new challenges. I have found your website to be very informative, however most of my work is trial and error and of my own doing. I’ve done well thus far, however I could provide further input if I was able to utilize Macros and VBA with better understanding of how to apply it more efficiently. I recently have attempted to try Macros for the first time – and previous to that always thought it was too hard but what I have come up with so far has been really great. I am using Macros for inventory data making the excel data filtered, formatted but the most challenging part of this trial has been making the file sharable with my customers. I feel this challenge is making me a stronger participant in providing beneficial data to our cliental. I would be honored to be able to participate in your program. You’ve proven already to be a great source of information. Thank you.

  • Jeff

    Hi Victor – excellent email tips by the way…I have posted my linked in blog as my response…I need advance excel, Power tools, VBA and Access to establish my business goals. My philosophy or mission statement is below. My target markets are small to medium sized businesses. Most of them do not understand that they can manage data like big corporations now.

    The Small Business Intelligence Proposal
    The days of requiring expensive computer hardware and software systems and high-priced technical employees to manage them are ending. Software today is geared to process data easier and faster. Software information technology tools now called business intelligence have become significantly cheaper, more user-friendly and cloud-based storage systems make it possible to access data from any place with most digital devices. With the Internet now becoming a place to do business or at least a shoppers guide to best products at best prices along with customer reviews the ability to access this information is possible.
    This has changed the game on how you market your business.
    These changes are providing opportunities for small businesses to better manage, align and integrate their corporate data. This data given the development of key performance indicators can be transformed into critical and relevant corporate information to better market and manage operating and strategic performance.
    All at a fraction of the costs, systems, and specialises previously only available to large corporations.
    This is what the Small Business Intelligence Proposition is all about.
    A commitment to you the small business owner to spend your time (and not large amounts of your money) to develop the key performances measures you require, to align and integrate your business data and to convert that data into intelligence to allow you to increase sales, better control costs and ultimately improve your bottom line.

  • Janet Stead

    As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I realize the power and impact of Excel and VBA. I certainly know that macros and VBA will do any job much faster.
    Whenever someone asks me “Can you do that in Excel?” my answer is always “ABSOLUTELY…but you might need a macro to do it”. I want to be able to build those macros and understand the components, variables and arguments needed to create effective macros.

  • Valerie M Harris

    Hello, I have beginners knowledge ans experience using VBA. Recently, I created an Access database for my friend and client who is an attorney who runs a Not-For-Profit organization providing guardian ad litem services. I desperately need to upgrade my skills so that I can better streamline the database and address such issues and creating a popup to reconnect the split database to the tables. Furthermore, I will use vba to redevelop and streamline my personal checkbook and budget created in Excel. Finally, as a 54 year old Accountant/Financial Analyst with a Master’s in Accountancy, having advanced VBA skills will make me even more marketable, especially since I am considering becoming a Business Analyst and/or doing more consulting work.

  • Daniel

    As someone who has worked for a financial institution for years I certainly can hold my own in Excel but macros and VBA have always been an area of weakness. Part of this is due to the fact that my current role does not require either but my end goal has always been to move into a more analytical/technical role.

    As luck would I have it, I recently received an offer to move to my bank’s Treasury department, an opportunity that is both exciting and intimidating. Exciting because it is the analytical/technical role I have been looking for and intimidating because Excel macro and VBA skills are going to play a large part in my ability to succeed going forward.

    I will be working on a team of 20, made up of traders and other treasury professionals who have developed advanced Excel skills already. I am nervous about being able to keep up and I need to accelerate my learning to make sure I put myself in the best position to succeed. Self-study will help but what I really need is the expertise imparted in the Macros & VBA school to give me a strong fundamental foundation to build on.

  • Ashok Motwani

    I will keep it short and sweet . In order to change the way companies engage in Continuous Improvement/OpEx journey, the focus typically on learning tools and using them to start the journey of maturing their culture.
    The changes typically include collection of data and one of the roadblock identified has been why do we have to do this extra work (data collection), who will analyze the collected data and how soon the results will be available?
    To mitigate the roadblocks mentioned above it requires companies to spend a lot of hard earned dollars in IT systems which require a lot of resources and then fire fighting starts.
    VBA and Excel Macros will help and enhance the capability of team members who have started walking the path (journey) and be able to minimize (at least initially) the need of extra investment before the solutions have been identified and validated thoroughly.
    So where do I stand in the mix of things?
    I am taking on a role of being the coach for these individuals so I can make mini-me in several organizations. I can be successful at it if I know what I am getting into hence need to learn how to create Excel Macros and utilize VBA.

  • Kara

    I need to become more productive by working smarter and not harder. I have a lot on my plate to do and being able to get spreadsheets and presentations done quickly will allow me to focus on the important things I need to do. The young people coming in to the job market today were practically born with computers in their hands. I need to be able to keep up. I also need to be able to mentor them and if their skill sets are far more advanced than mine I lose credibility. I also want to impress my management by providing excellent information in a clear and concise presentation. Sr leadership gives you only a few minutes to get your point across and having a visual picture instead of a million lines of data will achieve that goal. And I like it, I find classes like this fun and interesting. I may be aging myself but they didn’t offer classes like this when I was in college. Computer classes were only for hard core programmers. I missed a lot and want to catch up. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Jan

    Why Macros and VBA can help to become more
    1. It will replace a lot of (repeating) manual work in no time;
    2. Results which are hard to get with the normal Excel can be done or created by VBA.
    3. It will save a lot of time. I’ve already created some VBA code for manual tasks and the time saved differs but in most cases hours.

    1. No more errors because of manual operations assuming that the code is tested incessantly;
    2. Create better spreadsheets in no time so the time left over can be spend on other important tasks;
    3. Become the expert of the company;
    4. Save money for the company;

    Sake of learning?
    1. To become better and better in programming;
    2. To learn from the insights and ways of thinking from an expert;
    3. To get better understanding of all the possibilities;
    4. To optimize subs with better codes so the macro will execute faster
    5. Which applications needs always turned off before running a code (e.g. calculation, displaystatusbar……)
    6. And in which cases you don’t turn of those applications?
    7. When to use a for loop, for each loop, do until
    8. The best way to structure your code including comments

    Some problems?
    1. Create and save a pdf report from every unique item in a filter;
    2. To prevent that Excel is not responding because of incorrect or inefficient code;
    3. Integrating with other Office applications like Word and Powerpoint;
    4. Testing macros with a timer

    Of course you can learn all the stuff mentioned above by using google and do the trial / error procedure but you really want and need to understand what you’re doing and how to write the most efficient code ever.

  • Alta Niemandt

    My job is very tedious
    Making my brain monotonous
    Oh give me patience to endure
    Until I find that magic cure

    Where is it?
    What is it?
    How do I get it?
    Come on, let’s find it?

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Give it to me when I call
    The magic cure has it all
    Giving major joy to all

    Macro, macro, do your job
    Vba, Vba, add your lot
    Give us hours in the day
    So we can all go out and play

    Hmmmmmmm…….. MAGIC!!!!!!

  • Troy


    I have been trying to teach my self EXCEL VBA and MACROS for the last 9 years. I know that I have only begun to scratch the surface of what I can do with the application. Simply, I would like to further my education with EXCEL and learn to be more productive when creating reports and data driven applications. There is so much analytically forefront processing that I know EXCEL can help me with but just don’t know how to tap into that power completely yet. I know that with your help and guidance I am sure that I can take the report that currently takes my TWO WEEKS to build and complete it in less that hours and save myself time.


    Why Macros and VBA can help to become more
    1. It will replace a lot of manual work in no time and faster then standard Excel;
    2. Results which are hard to get with the Standard Excel via VBA they will be better and fast.
    3. VBA will save a lot of time.
    4. spreadsheets will be created in no time so the time left over can be spend on other important tasks.
    3. Become the expert VBA coder in the company.
    4. Save money for the company.

    Sake of learning?
    1. To become better in programming.
    2. To learn from the insights.
    3. To get better understanding of all the possibilities in VBA.

    That why I am ready to learn Excel VBA and being VBA Pro.


  • Michael Cipriotti

    Both Macros/VBA represent skill sets that are needed now & will be for some time with Excel being the tool that it is, used in practically every business in every industry. So, not only does it make an individual more marketable,…but it’s also FUN TO DO. I want to have these skill sets because it’s fun to build & create something that is unique & useful – there’s a sense of accomplishment when you design, create build things that others can appreciate (whether it saves them time or allows them to do things that they couldn’t do before)! I feel I’ve only been exposed to Macros/VBA thus far; I have so, so much more to learn (& excited about the journey).

  • Eric Pisarro-Grant

    I was long ago expert with Lotus 1-2-3 macros and could really make it sing for me and others, then, so I know what macros can do for me! However, my need for sophisticated spreadsheet use scaled back and then my use of spreadsheets shifted to Excel. I did most of my magic for others manually, for a long time avoiding the very different macro world of Excel. That time has come to an end and I now have a renewed need for regular and sophisticated data importing and re-presentation of imported data. I’d just pulled my first VBA book from the local library, when I found your videos. I need to know more!
    I most need to know about:
    least-effort importing,
    importing clean-up,
    multi-sheet data mining and presentation,
    and data-presentation in general (maybe ‘dashboard’ presentation, maybe alternatives to that.)

  • Sai

    VBA here in Myanmar will be a great potential as all data analytic need to be customised in every aspect due to nature of business are conducted here.
    Myself does a lot of managerial reporting using a lot of data and Excel VBA is a must.

  • Kristin

    I am so excited to be able to unleash the power that is hidden in excel so that I will be able to automate the tedious, repetitive and time consuming tasks I currently perform on data. This way my time and talent can best be applied to creating solutions and allowing that data to present information helpful to performance analysis and critical decision making. The opportunity to create simple tools and dashboards for my colleagues who are not so excel-savvy would allow everyone in my non-profit organization get out of the weeds and contribute at a higher level – more profitable, if you will, for the cause we serve. Thank you for offering this opportunity and I am extremely grateful to be considered for this chance to learn and have lifetime access that would support my continued growth (and most certainly enhance my geek factor)!

  • Nector

    Hi Victor,

    I work for an Organization that has more than 6,400 employees and I wanted to stand out from everyone else so, I self-taught myself Geographic Information System and most of Microsoft Office programs: Work, Power Point, Outlook, OneNote, Project, Publisher, Access and Excel.

    Because of my self-taught skills, I was transferred to the main Headquarters to be part of the administrative staff for the CEOs of the organization. Since being transferred I have created numerous Access databases and more than 100 Excel spread sheets that are now being utilized by all of the Departments within the Organization. Because the Excel spread sheets are utilized by all of our departments, I taught myself basic Excel-VBA (not much) to minimize the time of collecting and processing our incoming and outgoing data. This new learned skill has WOWED all my Superiors and sent my spread sheets to a new level. Macros have eliminated so much time and different processes for numerous departments that I was given a new title “Data Analyst and Operations Technology Specialist. I also receive numerous phone calls during the course of a work week from employees who need excel help or advice and I am constantly asked how and where I learned my skills. I realize and like the power and effect of Excel -VBA/Macros but I need to have a better understand of the components, variables and arguments… I truly will love to unlock the true power of Excel and take my first VBA course with you, Victor.

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