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I hope you’ve been having a good week so far. I think you’ll be excited to know that I’m giving away two free lifetime memberships for my upcoming course “Excel Macros & VBA School”.

If you check out nothing else from me this week, make sure you read this:

The course “Excel Macros & VBA School” is for intermediate Excel users who want to learn Macros and VBA from the ground up. It will demystify the VBA programming language so you can automate Excel and get more productive.

Excel VBA is a skill that’s in high demand, because it gives you command over your Excel workflow. Yes, there’s some pretty high-tech stuff out there like robotic process automation software, that you can license for thousands of dollars per user per year, and can take months to implement. But truthfully that stuff still doesn’t give you the same control over Excel as you get when you learn VBA. And you get VBA in Excel for free (even if you never use it).

By taking my course “Excel Macros & VBA School” you are going to get the edge when it comes to automating many routine processes. It will literally give you Excel super powers. And I’m giving away two free lifetime memberships. But first …

Here are some key details about the course

Many people have been asking me when the course is coming, and how much it’s going to be.

Well I’m opening the doors to early VIP Founding Members in a couple of weeks on Friday July 21. Only the first 100 people who sign up will get access (and become VIP Founding Members).

I’m going to price the full course at around $400 when it’s eventually launched to the public. And the 100 lucky VIP Founding Members will only pay $100 (a 75% discount) for lifetime access. And of course they get lifetime upgrades for free. I’m nice that way

This is YOUR chance to win Excel Macros & VBA School

Before I open the doors to the course on Friday July 21, I’m running a little contest below to give away FREE lifetime access Excel Macros & VBA School to two lucky winners. I’ll announce the winners next week after I’ve taken the time to read through all the contest entries and decide which two are the best.

If You Win, You’re Going to Get…

1. VIP Founding Membership – Complete lifetime access to the Excel Macros & VBA School course (including videos, quizzes and project work with sample spreadsheets) where I teach you Excel Macros and VBA from the ground up.

2. Premium Tier – Not only do you get lifetime access to the course, but you get the Premium tier that allows you to download all the video lessons to keep. The Standard tier only allows you to stream video lessons (but not download them). The Premium tier will eventually be priced at $400 vs the Standard tier at $300. So you’re getting $100 more value on the Premium Tier.

3. Lots of Support – I guarantee every VIP Founding Member with direct personal email support for the first month after enrollment. I will give you my personal attention to resolve any problems you have with learning Macros and VBA. [Note: I do not offer free consulting – if you need help to develop a custom Excel VBA solution my fees are upwards of US $100 per hour].

How to enter the contest

This will only take you a couple of minutes. All you need to do is answer ONE question.

In the comments section of this blog post tell me …

Why you think learning Excel Macros and VBA can help you become more productive and give you the edge in your career (or if you’re interested in learning for the sake of learning, why you are keen to learn Macros and VBA). In particular describe WHAT SPECIFIC PROBLEMS you want to overcome using Macros and VBA, and how overcoming those problems will lead to more success.

That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFIC details will have a better chance of winning. Tell me how this will impact your work, give me specific reasons why learning VBA will help you.

I’ll carefully read through every single one of your responses and decide on two winners to be announced next Tuesday (July 18) .

Remember, I will award two winners.

I am very excited to read your entries and hear what you have to say.

Good luck!

P.S. Excel Macros & VBA School is set to officially open on Friday, July 21 to the first 100 people who enroll. Put that date in your calendar – exact opening time to be announced soon.

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