“Power Tips for Microsoft Excel” is now available for you to buy today

“Power Tips for Microsoft Excel” is now out. After months of careful research and weeks of beta testing, we are happy to announce that you can download “Power Tips” today.

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  • What fundamental skills do you need to know to save time when working in Microsoft Excel?
  • The two important principles you need to put into practice to speed up your learning
  • How to boost your productivity in Excel in a matter of weeks not months or years
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Look at the time you spend in Excel doing relatively simple repetitive tasks and you’ll understand that using Excel effectively will boost your productivity.

Power Tips for Microsoft Excel is an eBook and set of videos that helps you learn simple secrets of doing repetitive tasks faster in Excel. It’s based on more than 10 years of personal experience with Excel.

Introducing “Power Tips for Microsoft Excel?”

Power Tips brings together a core set of tips and tricks that will quickly help you to be more effective. Plus it gives you principles for how to learn faster. And it provides you with a progress checklist to keep you accountable and track your learning progress.

So you’ll no longer have to spend months (or years) going round in circles, doing things the same old way, picking up the widely scattered collection of tips that are somewhere out there on the internet.

What’s in Power Tips?

  1. Focused productivity tips
  2. Effective learning resource
  3. Keyboard shortcuts

What makes Power Tips special?

  1. Beautiful page layout with relevant, well-positioned screenshots
  2. Fast-paced video with high quality editing and good audio
  3. Printable progress checklist to help you track your own learning

Read what experienced Excel trainer Rob Wantling says about “Power Tips for Microsoft Excel”

“For the first time ever I have read past the first 6 or 7 pages of a training manual! As an experienced IT trainer the skills being displayed within this eBook took me over ten years of hands-on learning and experience to compile.

Oh how I would have loved to have seen this ten years ago! For example on page 30 there’s an information box on what I refer to as Excel’s hidden menus (to configure advanced options) that I didn’t discover for about 8 years. Additionally, at last, here is a book layout that is positively radical and so visually fresh – it’s a joy to view and read.

Power Tips uses clever and effective graphics to visually attract the mind’s eye to the focus of the task – this again is a fresh innovation. The eBook is full of functional graphics and screenshots yet they do NOT bombard the eyes – which often can occur and be off-putting to the reader. Yes I would recommend “Power Tips”, it’s a gem!”

Rob Wantling,
Training Delivery Consultant, MOS Excel master instructor
United Kingdom

Find out more about Power Tips

If you are an Excel 2007 / 2010 user who has a good grasp of Excel fundamentals and is looking to invest in your own skills to increase your productivity, you can find out more about buying a copy of Power Tips by following this link:

Click here for Power Tips for Microsoft Excel

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