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Victor expertly teaches Microsoft Excel to people all over the world. He has millions of views of his popular Excel explainer videos on YouTube. These show time-saving shortcuts and real-world applications explained with easy-to-follow visuals.

Victor has over 20 years of experience using Excel as a professional for Big 4 Audit Firm Deloitte and two global tech companies. He knows firsthand that being more productive with Excel can lead to greater job satisfaction and career growth.

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Super explanation!

"Wow I’m really impressed of the power of Macros. When my teacher tried to explain this to me, it was all Chinese for me. Your explanation is super!! Thanks a lot!" (re: Excel Macros & VBA)

Dumas Bastein

Exactly what I want...

“This is EXACTLY what I’ve spent the past two days researching! Thank you SO much!!” (re: Excel Pivot Tables)

Kevin Ganje

Awesome macro tip!

“Awesome, thanks for the tip... 2nd macro for deleting filtered rows with VBA helped me out a lot” (re: Excel VBA)

Ernesto Diaz

Really clear instructions

"Really useful and clear instructions for the Excel project timeline."

Sreepriya Deepak

Engaging voice

"Your voice and pace is truly amazing and easy to understand. Keeps one hooked!"

Prashant D

Awesome video!

"Thank you for your awesome video, your instructions (How to Fill in Blank Cells from Above) were very clear." (re: Excel shortcut)

Liztra Matadeen

Mouth wide open!

“My mouth is wide open… love this” (re: Excel Pivot Tables)

Hector Garcia

Great tip

"Excellent Video!! Thanks for the great tip!!! Saved me quite an amount of work too!!" (re: Excel shortcut)

Jorge Dardon

The Ultimate Weapon!

“Dude that was AWESOME! You gave me the ultimate weapon!” (re: Excel Pivot Tables)

Milan Prica

Better than VBA for dummies

"Ha! Ha! I tried many times learning from the book Excel VBA Programming for Dummies, but I couldn't get it right. Watching this video I can get it done in a few trials. It works! TQ!"

VT Thiang


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