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What is Launch Excel?

The aim of Launch Excel is to make Microsoft Excel productive for you. Excel is a powerful tool and used widely across business. If you want to improve your skills in Excel you’re in the right place. Learn how to:

  • Use Excel faster with shortcuts
  • Build more effective solutions in Excel
  • Expand your knowledge of what Excel can do

Launch Excel will provide you with the resources you need to make better use of Excel.

George Mathai

“You’re right – I really do see the potential of
macros thanks to your video!”

Kevin Ganje

“This is EXACTLY what I’ve spent the past two days researching! Thank you SO much!!”(Excel Pivot Tables)

Yannickos Le Grand

“Wow I’m really impressed of the power of Macros. When my teacher tried to explain this to me, it was all Chinese for me. Your explanation is super!! Thanks a lot!!”

Milan Prica

“Dude that was AWESOME! You gave me the ultimate weapon!”
(Excel Pivot Tables)

Jorge Dardon

“Excellent Video!! Thanks for the great tip!!! Saved me quite an amount of work too!!”

Hector Garcia

“My mouth is wide open… love this”
(Excel Pivot Tables)

Liztra Matadeen

“Thank you for your awesome video, your instructions was very clear”
(How to Fill in Blank Cells from Above)

Kevin Sluder

“This was a huge time saver for me!!!!!! Thank you very much for sharing.”
(Excel Shortcuts)

David W

“You did a great job in explaining this and showing this. Keep up the wonderful work.”
(Timeline Template Tutorial)

What to expect

Real life know-how that you can use to


I probably don’t need to tell you that learning Excel can be hard.

Taking a consistent and focused approach can pay dividends, no matter where you are now, where you came from, or what you know.

That’s why I’ve put together this site – to help you learn how to use Excel better. Check out these resources or scroll down for the story of why I created Launch Excel:

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About Victor Chan

Launch Excel was founded by Victor Chan. Victor is a passionate Excel user and teacher.

After a 14 year career in various finance roles (Big 4 Auditor, Management Accountant, CFO) he’s refocused on what he loves most: Teaching people how to use Microsoft Excel more productively.

You’ll find that his approach to Excel is effective and based on practical experience. It combines time-saving shortcuts with real world applications explained in easy to understand language, and this approach has helped him attract over 2.1 million views on his YouTube channel as of March 2017.

After years of learning how to use Excel on the job, he now shares his experience with people who appreciate that being more productive in Excel leads to higher job satisfaction and career potential.

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