Charts, Dashboards and More – Best of Excel on the Web (May 2012)

In this article I’m going to do a quick round-up of the Best of Excel on the Web.

This last month has been pretty intense as I’ve been working on the launch of “Excel Power Tips”. The Ebook and Videos should come out next month (fingers crossed). In the mean time check out the teaser video and sign up for a 50% early-bird discount before it’s too late by heading over to the Power Tips page.

Just because I’ve been busy doesn’t mean there hasn’t been great Excel content published elsewhere on the web.

So here are some of my favorite posts, articles and videos that I found in the last couple of weeks.

Charts & Dashboards in Excel

These articles cover techniques and principles for creating charts and dashboards in Excel, with some useful ones that you may not have thought of yourself.

How to fine-tune the position of a chart from inside the VBA editor

How to show chart data when your data is hidden

Create a cool interactive Sales Chart

Create a Customer Service Dashboard in Excel

Conditional Formatting of Charts by Value and Label using VBA

Examples of Chart Junk from the Wall Street Journal

What to do for maximum impact when creating dashboards

More Excel goodies from around the web

Here’s a collection of tips and resources on formatting, pivot tables, userforms, VBA and migrating to Office 2010.

Find and replace specific colors (and when this does not work)

Excel Pivot Table Selection Quick Tip

Display text values in Pivot Tables without VBA

Disable autofit column widths for all Pivot Tables in a sheet (VBA)

Add New ComboBox Items in Excel UserForm

Move data from one sheet to multiple sheets using VBA

Upgrading to Office 2010? Download free Office 2010 migration guides

Finally here’s a link you should check out for fun!

Change the font in Excel column headers

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