Power Tips for Microsoft Excel

Free Preview Edition for you to try before you buy

1. Download our free preview

The free preview edition of “Power Tips for Microsoft Excel” gives you a glimpse of what is inside the full edition. You are welcome to keep the preview copy and share it with as many people as you want as long as you don’t modify any of the contents.

  • Free 27 page preview of Power Tips
  • Get better at working with lots of worksheets and manipulating complex cell ranges
  • Learn how to get Excel to speak to you and many other useful data entry tricks
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2. Then check out the full product

We hope you find the selection of tips in the preview edition useful. There are many more tips in the full edition and these include:

  • Want to get faster at using Excel? Learn more great tricks for using the mouse for effectively and doing faster and more accurate data entry
  • Learn how to use Excel’s built-in lists, as well as create your own custom lists
  • Create drop down menus with Excel’s built-in features
  • Learn how to cascade your drop down menus
  • Why you should use data validation, and some practical examples

The Premium edition of Power Tips also features video tutorials to explain exactly how each tip works, and how you can apply them in practical situations. Plus you get a bonus progress checklist that you can use to help you track how many tips you have mastered. And all this with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Learn more about the full product by clicking here

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