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Last month I was seriously thinking about moving back to the UK. I’m currently in hot and humid Singapore and enjoying the tasty food here. But sometimes my kids tell me they want to go back to England for a bit of cold weather and (when there’s snow) to make a snow man.

While I was thinking about whether to relocate my family half way around the world, I also started reflecting on where Launch Excel is heading. And this brings me to…


Earlier this year, I ran a quick survey of my email community and the results were very interesting. Some people wanted to learn how to use Excel better, a lot of people wanted to know how to do data analysis more effectively, and even more said they were interested in Macros and VBA.

But there was also a lot of worry and fear about taking the plunge to learn Macros and VBA. Because programming just seems hard, and a little bit scary.

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about the survey results and especially the comments about Macros and VBA. And I decided to do something about it. This leads to …


A couple months ago I started a new YouTube video series on Excel Macros and VBA. It’s turned out to be quite popular. The first video has been watched over 3,800 times and it has an almost 100% Like rate. (By the way thank you if you were someone who’s Liked one of my videos on YouTube).

I know how tricky it can be to learn VBA because I taught myself how to write macros in Excel years ago and remember the struggle. So I decided to take the plunge to create a full online course and make it THE BEST course out there for people who are just starting out to learn Excel Macros and VBA.

HOWEVER… Here’s my dilemma. Last week I found myself staring at a complete mind map of all 10 course modules and course bonuses. And I just finished producing all of modules 1 to 4 (that’s 17 videos plus supporting content). Then I realized that I couldn’t just silently create the rest of the course without any of you knowing about it and then do a big launch later this year.

I told myself that wouldn’t be right. Because I’m a perfectionist when it comes to creating my paid products. I’m obsessed with the student experience, and I want to make sure there are no problems with the course when I eventually do a big public launch.

In fact I also realized that I want to give students the chance to tell me what’s most important to them. Even if it means changing parts of my meticulously planned course so my students can learn about those things they want to focus on.


This is what I’m thinking about. And I want your feedback.

I’m planning to offer an initial limited group of 100 people access to my new course Excel Macros & VBA School for 75% off the eventual price.

Here’s the tradeoff:

If you’re one of the initial 100 people I want you to send me feedback about the course, let me know how easy it is to use the course software and also complete two or three surveys… and in exchange for this you get 75% off the final selling price.

Oh, and I’ll also give you all future upgrades to the course for free.

Plus, I’ll work with you one-on-one over email for the first month after you join, which means I will support you with any queries you have about the material in the course to make sure you learn fast. (I currently charge $100 per hour consultation fees. This point alone could be worth the course fees and more).


At this point, I’m not looking for commitments (in fact I’ve not even told you exactly what’s going to be in Excel Macros & VBA School or what the price will be)…

… but IF you’re potentially interested in becoming a founding member of Excel Macros & VBA School, then click this link to email me (if that doesn’t work then try victor[at]launchexcel[dot]com).

I hope there’ll be some interest in this, and if there is then you’ll get more details in the next few days.

Stay tuned!

Victor Chan
Hi I'm Victor. I started Launch Excel to help you use Excel and VBA faster. Thousands of people have learned new skills and increased their effectiveness at work with our help. You can do it too! Also I've personally used Excel lots since 2002. I use it mainly in accounting and finance but I also have a Masters degree in Engineering from Cambridge University. I hope you enjoy the site and tutorials!
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