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Excel Keyboard Shortcuts PDF Download

There are two versions. To download simply right-click on the links and choose to “Save Link As”.

If you don’t have a PDF reader installed on your system, please visit the Adobe website and download the Adobe PDF reader:

Timeline Template Download

To download simply right-click on this link and choose to “Save Link As” (then check your download folder):

To use the timeline straight away I recommend you copy the first sheet “1. Timeline” to another workbook, and keep the original file intact for later reference. The remaining worksheets show how to build up the timeline from an empty X-Y scatter chart but you don’t need them to use the timeline.

When you look at the project timeline worksheets please note that Freeze Panes is turned on at row 28. You need to unfreeze panes to scroll the worksheets beyond row 28.

Here are links to the original Timeline Articles for reference:

timeline-template download

Click image to download timeline template