Video Highlights – Excel 2010: Macros in Depth

(2:17) – Turn a series of steps into a single action or button press

Any time that you want to take a series of steps or actions and essentially turn them into a single action, that’s the starting point of talking about macros.

(4:03) – Record a sequence of actions as a macro

So what I’m suggesting here is the idea that any sequence of actions could be turned into a macro in a process called recording.

(7:28) – Why do I need macros?

To automate your work and save some time. And sometimes lots of time!

  1. They increase your impact and help you get things done faster
  2. They boost your productivity as your efficiency increases and you free up time to be more effective.
  3. Once you create a macro it will run tirelessly and consistently, the same thing time and time again.

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