Video Highlights – Excel 2010: Macros in Depth


(0:04) – Activate a macro by clicking a button

If a macro is designed to be used by others or if it’s designed only to be used in specific worksheets you might want to consider activating them by clicking a button. And that’s the case in this workbook right here called Phone List.

(1:22) – How to insert a button

We would like a button here in column A, where do we go? Insert Tab → Shapes → Use any shape you want, sometimes you’ll see these done whimsically with smiley face, there’s a heart shape, all kinds of buttons, explosion type buttons, 32 / 16 point stars, all kinds of stuff. I’ll be a little conservative and just use Rounded Rectangle.

(1:49) – Snap to Grid with “ALT” key

Hold down the ALT key, drag these edges they line up perfectly with the cell boundaries, not critical but some people love that idea.

(2:20) – Assign a macro to the button

The key step of course is to right-click on this, and do this near the edge, and you will see a choice called Assign Macro… for assigning a macro to this button.

(2:56) – Use clipart too

Now, you can do this with clip art too. Just a quick example here, I’m going to go to the Insert tab → Clip Art… any object whether it’s a shape or one of these could be a vehicle for running a macro. Right click, Assign Macro.


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