Video Highlights – Excel 2010: Macros in Depth


(0:22) – Techniques for altering a macro

We want to expand this idea that as we work with macros and go into VBA, back and forth into the world of VBA and back into Excel, we want to become familiar with the techniques for why we want to alter a macro and then how we do that.

(2:09) – Looking at Visual Basic code with Alt + F11

And let’s look at the code. I always recommend looking at the code every time you record a macro, even if you’re not going to make changes. It’s good to start getting familiar with more visual basic. Alt + F11 opens the visual basic editor to create or edit macros.

Why should I learn VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)?


  1. Excel Macros are written in the VBA programming language
  2. You can make changes to your recorded macros if you know VBA
  3. You can reuse bits of one macro in another macro



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