Dicover three basic math functions in Excel

In this 12 minute video I cover three math functions – SUM() COUNT() and AVERAGE(). These are pretty fundamental building blocks that you’ll use often in spreadsheet calculations and building spreadsheet models.

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Mind Map: Excel Formula Basics (Sum, Count, Average)

I created a mind map to summarize the contents of the video – for a full size version that will open in a new browser window click on the picture below.

Mind Map - Sum, Count, Average

Click on picture for larger version

What do you think of the video format?

This is my first video with an embedded Mind Map – the purpose of this was to give some context and set the scene to help beginners learn Excel faster. I’d like to know what you think of the video and what thoughts you have about using Mind Maps to learn Excel, so send in your comments using the comment section below. If you like the format please tell me and I will make more videos like this! Thanks – Victor 🙂

Learn more Excel Formulas – fast!

I based this video on material found in the Excel Formula 1 e-book, and if you are interested in picking up a copy of this e-book click on this link.

Bear in mind that I will get a commission from Chandoo.org if you purchase a copy of the Formula-1 e-book but the only reason I’m promoting it is that I think it can offer good value to Excel users who are just starting out and want a fast introduction to common Excel formulas.

The author Chandoo is a well-known Excel expert who was awarded Most Valued Professional (MVP) status by Microsoft for the help he has provided to the Excel community online, and he has written the e-book in a friendly informal style that makes it accessible if you don’t want to wade through more technical explanations.

Excel Formula-1 e-book

To find out more about the Excel Formula-1 e-book from Chandoo, click on the picture

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