The Launch Excel Boot Camp Training Course (Access Instructions)

A couple weeks back, I asked who was interested in the free “Launch Excel Boot Camp Training Course” that I was making.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of time making this if no one was interested, so I asked you to let me know if you wanted the training course …

…  If at least 50 people said they wanted it, I said I’d make it.

Well, almost TWO HUNDRED people wanted it.

I am genuinely excited and humbled. When I first started trying to learn Excel 14 years ago I had no idea that I would one day be teaching others how to use it too.

Anyway …

I promised everyone who signed up to my special interest list that I would give you a value packed, 100% free training course on how to create great spreadsheets.

So here it is. Free for people on my e-mail interest list.

(For people on the Interest List) The Launch Excel Boot Camp Training Course + The Pains of Being a Perfectionist

So I got up really early this morning (6am which is early for me) to help get the kids to school on time – in Singapore my son has to be in his primary school by 7.15am – lucky we live across the street!

Then I got down to sketch the teaching outline for the Excel Boot Camp Training Course (to find out more about the origins of this course, see here)

Anyway, I’m creating the “Excel Boot Camp Training Course” for people who want to learn the fundamentals of how to make great spreadsheets

And, originally, the free Boot Camp course WAS going to cost $97. But, since (a) I really enjoy giving things away, (b) it’s a way to thank you for all the great comments and feedback you’ve given me, and (c) I really think you need this to make great spreadsheets and help all the other Excel users in your life… I’m going to just give this thing away.

Here’s What I’m Looking For You To Do

If you’re really serious about learning to use Microsoft Excel better and want to be trained by me then …  I’d really be appreciate it if you’d fill out my three question survey below.  It will take 3 minutes.

If you can only answer one question, do the first one “What free product about learning Excel or using Excel would you LOVE for me to create for you?”

Explorations Into Excel: A Look At The Last 14 Years Of Becoming The Excel Guy

[Note #1: I’m thinking about giving away a free product for you… IF you’re potentially interested in learning more about Excel and putting together great spreadsheets.  But before I go crazy making this thing, I want to make sure you actually want it, so I don’t feel like an idiot. More details near the bottom of the article.]

[Note #2: in case you’re wondering, this post is a FOLLOW-UP TO THIS POST which received over 20 comments from readers like you who sent me positive messages of support ☺]

The Story of How I Became the “Excel Guy”

Way back in 2002 I started working for the professional services firm Deloitte, which is one of the Big Four Accounting Firms.  At that stage in my life I was 23 years old, had just got married and was at the start of a three year journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant in London.


While I was quite familiar with computers, I had not used Microsoft Office in a work environment. Yes I had just completed a four-year engineering course at Cambridge University but for all intents and purposes I didn’t know Excel.

As a trainee accountant I found that I was a complete newbie in Excel. It was like there was a whole new unknown world out there and I was lost in it.


[Note: In case you’re wondering, this post is a follow-up to this (which has been getting a lot of comments). I will try my best to respond to each and every comment you post, BTW]

OK… in my last email and blog post I left you with a cliff hanger and I’m sorry if you have been feeling upset with me for not revealing that “really big request”.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling reluctant to talk about something. But it’s long overdue so here goes…

When I first started sharing my Excel knowledge online in 2011 with Launch Excel, there was no way I could have guessed how many times my videos would be watched.

And as you may or may not know, the last time I posted a new video to the Launch Excel YouTube channel was 4 years ago on January 16, 2013. I stopped posting new videos because my life situation had changed and I no longer had enough time to share more Excel knowledge by carefully crafting video tutorials and blog posts.

So when I last checked my YouTube channel in January 2017, it was showing that my 31 videos had been watched a total of 2,038,283 times. That’s about 2 million views more than I expected to see!

YouTube Views - 2m Launch Excel

Then I started catching up with the 600+ comments that have been posted on my channel (as well the comments on my blog) and I started to realize that my videos have really helped a lot of Excel users worldwide.

Getting Personal … and FINALLY doing what you’ve told me to do

Most times when I publish a blog post or a video, it’s to offer helpful advice on how to use Microsoft Excel better.

Well… today is a bit different.

I want to pull back the curtain bit and share something more personal.

Here goes.

It’s 2017 and my 38 birthday is just around the corner. I am one of those people who is blessed with a youthful face – recently a taxi driver was convinced I was twenty years old. He was very surprised when I told him my age! So I got to thinking what would I do now in a 20 year old body, now that I’m almost 40 and have seen a lot more of the world.

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