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I’m asked every week about how to do stuff in Excel. You may not have used the services of an Excel expert and it may surprise you how much you can learn from direct consulting, and how much time, money and heartache you can save by employing the service of a specialist.

If you have a problem with spreadsheet design, have recently migrated to a new version of Excel, or need advice on how to automate your spreadsheets, please check out our Excel consulting services.

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  • Top 20 Mouse Tricks for Excel There are so many ways to really use the mouse effectively in Excel that probably 80% of users are not using the mouse as effectively as they could. This includes people who love keyboard shortcuts (like me). It pays handsomely to know a couple of mouse tricks that will help you get the job done better or faster. So read on to find out our Top 20 tricks.
  • Top 10 Data Entry Shortcuts & Tips What if you could do Data Entry faster and more accurately? Here I cover 10 top tips that will come in handy whether you work with short to-do lists or long piles of personnel data.
  • Excel Lists, Drop downs and Data Validation How much do you know about creating drop-down lists in Excel? In this detailed article I cover a wide range of techniques to take your Excel skills to the next level.

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How would you like to boost your productivity in Excel?

Look at the time you spend in Excel doing relatively simple repetitive tasks and you’ll understand that using Excel effectively will boost your productivity.

Power Tips for Microsoft Excel is an eBook and set of videos that helps you learn simple secrets of doing repetitive tasks faster in Excel. It’s based on more than 10 years of personal experience with Excel.

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  • What fundamental skills do you need to know to save time when working in Microsoft Excel?
  • The two important principles you need to put into practice to speed up your learning
  • How to boost your productivity in Excel in a matter of weeks not months or years
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